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The Obama Souffle

By on 10.27.08 | 6:18PM

Here's where I think things stand now: The Obama souffle is slowly starting to settle. I think the souffle hit its peak last Thursday or so. It hasn't been popped -- it's not going to go "Poof" all at once -- but it is settling. And it still has eight more days to settle -- plenty of time for a souffle to get stale and mushy, even if properly refrigerated.

The question: Do the voters who finally decide that an Obama presidency is unappetizing think that John McCain is a "good egg"? It's clear they think his carton of eggs, labeled "Republican," is rotten. But McCain is, well, McCain. He's different. Voters' impressions of him are still a bit scrambled. And that's one reason his chances aren't yet, uh... fried.

Extended metaphor aside, I still think he has a chance. A real chance, not just a theoretical one. Just watch the race tighten between now and the weekend.....

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