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Dunkin Delish

By on 10.20.08 | 11:51AM

An email advertisement from Dunkin Donuts:

In a recent national blind taste test, more Americans like you, preferred the taste of Dunkin' Donuts coffee over Starbucks. Proof it's all about the coffee, not about the couches or music.

It's simply comes down to the best beans, expertly roasted and ground fresh right before brewing, so you get the best-tasting coffee day after day to keep you running.

This reminds me of the taste tests in which people prefer one soda over another when it comes to sipping in a blind test. Yet when it comes to drinking a whole can, the other soda wins.

Anyway, Dunkin Donuts doesn't burn their beans, which is a shocker for a nationwide coffee chain. They've also been successful at fighting in a market they used to only be in tangentially ("Time to make the donuts" has strangely transformed into a pitch for coffee). Of course, local shops like Big Bear Cafe, or Murky Coffee in Clarendon continue to thrive on account of their attention to brewing and a nice atmosphere. 

If only Dunkin Donuts would get some couches. Of course, that is apostacy as far as the Conservative Cafe is concerned.

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