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Lost a Step, Ralph?

By on 10.31.05 | 8:45AM

Though they're still ahead of the others, it took more than an hour for Ralph Neas and the People for the American Way crowd to get out a release on their outrage at the Alito nom. Geez, guys. You slowing up in your old age? PFAW promises a massive national campaign to defeat Alito. Why?

Neas is quoted as saying, ""Justice O'Connor had a pivotal role at the center of the Court, often providing a crucial vote to protect privacy, civil rights, and so much more. All that would be at risk if she were replaced with Judge Alito, who has a record of ideological activism against privacy rights, civil rights, workers' rights, and more."

The only issue remaining today is whether the Dems take Neas's words as their talking points or wait for them to be scripted into better soundbites by the MSM.

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