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Movement in Louisiana?

By on 10.17.08 | 3:48PM

Now THIS, from the WaPost's Chris Cilizza, is quite interesting, and unexpected. It says there is serious tightening in the Landrieu/Kennedy Senate race in Louisiana. Look, Mary Landrieu is one of those Democrats capable of reaching across party lines. And I've usually found her reasonably likeable. I like her family personally a lot. Her brother Mitch is a nice guy and a solid, if too liberal, public servant. But for whatever reason, Mary has almost never reached across party lines on judges, though, much to my chagrin. In fact, she has joined the left's unprecedented filibusters, repeatedly.

John Kennedy, meanwhile, is a very enjoyable guy to be around. He and I were Fellows in the same class of the Loyola (New Orleans) Institute of Politics, a graduate seminar program. His instincts clearly lean more to the right than to the left. And he's a helluva smart guy, too -- Harvard, etc. This race bears watching.

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