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Awkwardly Inauthentic

By on 10.16.08 | 12:46PM

Judging by who could really connect with the audience in this interview, I wonder if Mr. Wurzelbacher might be interested in taking on Diane Sawyer's job. Sawyer's smile is the physical manifestation of the Internet acronym "OMG," as though she can't believe she's talking to a plumber. Wurzelbacher seems far less excited to be there than Sawyer. There's also something eerie about Sawyer asking about the higher taxation of those who make one to five million dollars. Forbes reported in 2005 that she pulls in about $12 million annually.

That Mr. Wurzelbacher finds it weird that the government would punish success, and that Ms. Sawyer appears to blindly accept, or even expect it, is quite an interesting contrast.

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