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Re: Antle and Buckley

By on 10.12.08 | 7:37PM

"[A]s indefensible as I think a conservative endorsement of Barack Obama is, let's not forget that the alternative is John McCain."

That's probably the best I've heard it put. Hunter, it's not quite the fault of National Review that Christopher feels less inclined to support the party on this one. I wonder if father Bill felt a similar disinclination toward Republicanism in the 1950s, though.

I just wish there was more to Christopher's argument that this is what the historical moment seems to be calling for. As it happens, Obama's campaign has been centered on the historical moment and making us feel it. He's been bludgeoning all of us with that very notion. We are, after all, the ones we've been waiting for. I'm just surprised that it's swept so many.

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