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By on 10.10.08 | 6:11PM

J.P., while old and crazy works as an explanation of Maverick's peregrinations, what to make of his aides? When the House initially rejected the bailout, McCain adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin blamed Obama:

"Barack Obama failed to lead, phoned it in, attacked John McCain and refused to even say if he supported the final bill," McCain adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin said in a statement after the vote.
"This bill failed because Barack Obama and the Democrats put politics ahead of country," Holtz-Eakin said.

But in a conference call today, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis took credit for his candidate sinking that bill:

Davis expressed outrage that, "in the middle of the greatest disaster in our financial system that we’d had in our lifetime, that the Democrats in the United States Senate would actually link payments to ACORN in the bailout package that they promoted -- prior to Sen. McCain coming to town and actually blowing that package up. So we can actually say that in addition to saving taxpayers millions of dollars, and we’re very happy that no more taxpayer dollars were added to the pile of money going to ACORN."

So, according to Holtz-Eakin, the failure of the bill was the result of putting "politics ahead of country," whereas according to Davis, the failure saved taxpayers millions. This campaign's looking like the greatest improvisational comedy project since Second City.

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