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The CIA vs. The White House

By on 10.30.05 | 3:11PM

Tom Maguire highlights evidence that Valerie Plame wasn't very covert, and that her outing apparently did no damage to CIA operations. But the CIA won't issue a damage assessment until legal proceedings are complete. Comments Maguire:

Is that how it works when our national security is threatened and lives are on the line - the CIA waits a few years until the trials are over, then assesses the damage?

Come on, we see through this - if the CIA prepared a formal report, it would be subpoenaed as evidence, and the jury would laugh out loud at the "no damage" assessment. So the CIA filed a criminal referral in 2003, got the White House tied up in a two year investigation, and now they are laughing out loud. Well played, especially if you like a spy service that shrugs off executive oversight by inventing crimes and playing dirty tricks.

That said, Fitzgerald saw through their outing ploy, else, where are the indictments for the leaks to Novak and Pincus?

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