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By on 10.3.08 | 12:45AM

As a long-time fight-fan, I score tonight's 10-round bout 5-4, one even. (This is mostly on style of course, because both of them were prone to talking-point gibberish, over-simplifying, and occasionally borderline incoherence on issues -- as in Palin's response to the global warming question -- though this is understandable as McCain's position on "climate change" is incoherent.) Their discourses were too prone to the standard election-time, "My low-life opponent voted 99 times to snatch food from the mouths of widows and orphans" nonsense that people listening in can't make head nor tail of.

Sarah won at least partly, perhaps largely, because she didn't lose. Didn't look foolish. Other than the brain-numbing response to the "is global warming real?" question, she was not noticeably incoherent. Other than mis-identifying General McClellan, she made no mistakes that I saw. So she didn't turn out to be the boob that Democrats wanted to see tonight. She wasn't Dan Quayle in drag. She showed there's no reason to be embarrassed about her.

The people who like her folksy demeanor and straight-forward style (count me in) still like her. The folks who can't stand her because she loves her country, loves her family, loves her God, and packs heat, still can't stand her. I doubt the debate moved the vote meter much either way. She's a smart, energetic, patriotic woman who will learn fast in office. Folks who are willing to see that saw it tonight.

P.S. Biden really looked like a stiff tonight. I suspect he and Dick Clark use the same taxidermist.

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