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By on 10.28.05 | 1:20PM

This is a terrible day for Lewis Libby and his family. Given the financial cost and emotional toll these kinds of things take, we wouldn't wish this on anyone but a Democrat.

But the MSM take right now that this is an indictment that is going to rock the White House and shake this President is spinning what three weeks ago was a rumored18, five to ten count indictments story that turned out to be something far less than that (Libby aside).

For weeks senior Democrats on Capitol Hill and along K Street lawyers sympathetic to Democrats have been feeding reporters - and people like us - "sourcing" on the Fitzgerald investigation. Left-wing bloggers like Raw Story, Daily Kos and Steve Clemons have been eating it up and putting it out there for all to read and hear.

The White House will get past this fairly quickly. The notion that somehow this President is boxed in is ridiculous, and will proven so within a month, when, with a strong Supreme Court nominee and a solid spending cut bill moving through Congress, the media is talking about how Bush once again is the great political escape artist.

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