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By on 9.30.08 | 10:46AM

Can Columbia/>/> keep up the ROTC ban when its biggest alumnus says no? (WSJ)

McCain and New Hampshire/>/>: is this love affair to continue? (Slate)

Nearing the end of his rope, Paulson needs to rely on the news, not his own powers of persuasion. (Bloomberg)

Would you like cream or sugar with your conservatism? (Culture11)

Eric Cantor thinks that there's still a way to make the bailout palatable (NRO)

Indians outsourcing phone jobs to Americans -- it's the new India/>/> (RealClearPolitics)

Alternate take: market intervention is as American as apple pie. (Washington/>/>/> Post)/>

Out with personal freedom in Quebec/>/> (Lifesite News)

Biden won't call Palin out on a gaffe, for his own sake (Politico)

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