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By on 10.28.05 | 12:42AM

For timely advanced political thinking from the University of Chicago, check out this announcement, sent out yesterday by the U.C. Dems -- who for some reason take their orders from the comrades at DePaul:

Bush Bash! The DePaul Dems are throwing a Bush Bash tomorrow night that will celebrate (hopefully) the indictment of some of our favorite Bush Administration personalities. Dress up as a Republican and party with Democrats uptown.

Come dressed as Inmate #021051020624 otherwise known as Tom DeLay. Don a flight suit and pretend you too served in the National Guard,like our dear President. Or perhaps you could be what Harriet Meirs [sic] couldn't: an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.

A whole troupe of us will be taking the 173 Northward at around 9 PM on Friday....

Don't miss that bus!

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