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On Message…Sadly

By on 9.26.08 | 1:56PM

Just got an email from the Brain Trust over at Keystone Progress:

Sorry about the last minute notice. Please forward widely ASAP!

Sarah Palin will be in Philadelphia tonight outside of the Irish Pub, 2007 Walnut St. Palin should arrive around 7:00. We'll be there from 5:30 until at least 7:30.

Our theme for tonight:


Please make signs and banners that use that theme.

This is the degree of guidance Obama supporters need on sign-making? BUSH=McCain? What were they afraid people would show up with? Signs that read, Make Bad Bad Lady Stop or That Ain't No MILF? Considering Keystone Progress' lack of trust in their followers to craft a brilliant Bush=McCain-esque slogan, I'm only surprised there isn't an accompanying note warning the hordes not to eat the worn down crayons when they're done--no matter how tasty they may look or how much fun seeing rainbows in the bathroom floor sink would be tomorrow morning. Obama may need you to draw him another word picture against the bad lady again later, lovelies! Save your ammo!

It's always a treat to see the kind of drivel the We only lose elections because our brilliant ideas don't fit on bumper stickers! crowd consistently brews and flaunts--and nothing sells me on a slogan quite like a proud lack of irony.

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