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By on 9.26.08 | 10:48AM

A Chicago/>/> take on a revised Paulson plan (WSJ Asia)

Palin is very corny (

Apple history repeats itself as open Gphone threatens (Slate)

GE CEO makes the pitch for trading nuclear energy technology with India/>/> (Bloomberg)

Now is the time to move away from outdated alternatives in dealing with Russia/>/> (RealClearWorld)

Real market actors for the bailout mechanism (Freakonomics)

Today, 48 years ago, TV debates took center stage (Wired)

To McCain: Roll the dice! (Politico)

How would the new US/>/> president deal with Tzipi Livni if she becomes PM in Israel/>/>? (The Atlantic/>)

Why is McCain a Republican? He should come up with some good reasons (WSJ)

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