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Even Worse on Cuomo

By on 9.22.08 | 1:21PM

Phil is right, below, to question McCain's hiring criteria in general. Now, with regard to the specific choice of Andrew Cuomo, not only is Cuomo a liberal Democratic showboat a la Eliot Spitzer, but he also bears a large part of the blame for the policies that got us into this mess. It's as if McCain is just so ignorant that he doesn't even realize that he is directly contradicting himself. It was Cuomo who encouraged Fannie and Freddie to run wild. Now McCain is angry that Fannie and Feddie ran wild -- so he wants Cuomo to be the guardian over a market suffering from the "wilding" ways of Fannie and Freddie. Like sending Baker to Israel, it makes no sense. About the only thing it does is extend a prominent middle finger in the direction of conservatives, just for the fun of doing so.

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