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Barr Suing in Texas

By on 9.18.08 | 4:51AM

Everybody talks about the rule of law, but Bob Barr is doing something about it:

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr has filed suit that would keep voters from seeing the names Barack Obama and John McCain on their voting machines, saying they failed to follow the Texas law to get their names placed on the ballot. The Libertarians are claiming that both the Texas Democratic and Republican parties missed the deadline to certify their presidential nominees and report them to the Texas Secretary of State.
Texas law says that has to happen 70 days prior to the general election. The problem? Neither party held its convention in time to meet that Aug. 26 deadline. Obama and Joe Biden were nominated by roll call vote on Aug. 27, and McCain and Sarah Palin until Sept. 3.
Obviously, the Texas ballot-access law was intended to keep minor party candidates like Obama and McCain off the ballot.
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