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Kuo vs. Palin, Again

By on 9.12.08 | 11:37AM

When last we heard from David Kuo, he was describing Sarah Palin as "Dan Quayle with mammaries." Now, he's accusing her of being disingenuous about her religious beliefs:

In the interview she goes on to say, "I would never presume to know God's will…."
Really? Truly? Does that mean that Gov. Palin is open to the idea that God's will is for the United States to become a Muslim nation? One under Sharia law? Does Gov. Palin believe it might be God's will for the United States to pass laws outlawing the freedom of speech? Is her faith and theology so insipid, so tepid that she has no idea what God's will is? Or is it that she is simply trying to take the edge off her faith because her new political advisers say it is "too much." I'm guessing it is the latter.
Kuo doesn't claim to have an inside source telling him what advice Palin is getting, and apparently discounts the possibility that Palin came up with her own responses to Charlie Gibson's questions about her faith.

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