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By on 9.11.08 | 6:58PM

Just got through watching the first segment of the Palin interview, and I have to say, she did pretty awful. It wasn't a matter of an obvious gaffe you could point to -- though she did draw a complete blank when asked whether she supported the Bush Doctrine as she clearly had no idea what it was, and seemed to endorse strikes within Pakistan if there was actionable intellegence, which Obama was mocked for by conservatives last year. But overall, she looked so rehearsed and scripted, and just kept repeating catch phrases without displaying any depth of understanding about the complexity of the national security issues being discussed. She came off very nervous, like a student who had crammed for an exam and was speaking in generalities becuase she doesn't have an understanding of the specifics.

UPDATE: I thought she came off fine in the second segment of the interview, defending her comments about whether we were doing God's will in Iraq.

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