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Sarah and Charlie

By on 9.11.08 | 6:55PM

First of all, who does Charlie Gibson think he is peering down on Sarah Palin through half-lenses? All in all, in part one, she did fine, other than in badly answering a rather trick question on the "Bush Doctrine" -- when's the last time that was in the news? It's not as if Charlie and his colleagues have been spending much time these last several years talking about it. For all inents, it's, if not defunct, in deep freeze.

It was telling that in asking her about Russian and Georgia, Charlie for all intents took the pro-Russian view that somehow Russia was "provoked" into attack Georgia. Palin did okay here, particularly in emphasizing that if Georgia, as a hypothetical member of NATO, were attacked, it would be the moral obligation of the other members of the treaty to come to its help.

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