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On a Lighter Note…

By on 9.11.08 | 2:45PM

Last night, the Funniest Celebrity in Washington contest was held I missed it, but Mike Huckabee won it with this performance joking about his experiences runing for president.

Around the 6:40 mark, he delivers some barbs at his Republican rivals, and (perhaps future rival) Sarah Palin:"We had some interesting people run for president in our party. I mentioned Mitt, who had more positions than an under-aged Chinese gymnast on most every issue. And then there was Fred Thompson. I heard Fred actually ran, I didn't actually see him out there on the campaign trail. Everyday we'd say, you know, Fred gets up at the crack of noon... We had a tough life out there on the campaign trail, and I'm wondering everyday why I'm not still there. I was hurt, I mean, John McCain didn't even vet me. It's okay, he didn't vet Sarah Palin either, so I guess it's alright."

Dave Weigel has some excerpts from Bob Barr's routine, including: "As a Libertarian, I can really picture a world in which there's no war. But George W. Bush would probably invade that, too."

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