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Third Times the Charm

By on 9.8.08 | 9:42AM

Brendan Conway wonders, "What is this, good news morning for conservatives?" or "[D]id I die and go to Purgatory?" Here are the headlines that have caused his existential ponderment:

New York Times: MSNBC removes Olbermann, Matthews from anchor seat on account of liberal bias

USA Today: McCain takes 10-point lead over Obama among likely voters

Washington Times: Obama verbal slip, refers to "my Muslim faith"

Daily Telegraph: American Al Qaeda Adam Gadahn rumored killed in Predator strike

Times of London: Kim Jong Il died in 2003, intel expert says

It's hard not to love the last line of the Washington Times story: "Asked to comment on the accidental misstatement...Obama spokesman Bill Burton offered this comment: 'I'm not surprised that the only outlet doing this story is the Washington Times.'"

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