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Joe Wilson Scandal Update

By on 10.26.05 | 7:22PM

Not much to add beyond all the other heavy breathing going on here in Washington.

The latest we're hearing is that word of any indictments might come tomorrow, but perhaps not until Friday. Folks are being surprisingly mum about this.

One very palpable undercurrent is that any rifts that might have been created among conservatives and Republicans over spending bills or the latest SCOTUS nomination, will quickly be repaired once it is clear where the Wilson Scandal is going.

Republicans and conservatives understand that while Pat Fitzgerald is not politically motivated, the post-Operation Iraqi Freedom launch and the 2004 election cycle created the atmosphere that allowed what amounted to setting the record straight after widespread dissemination of half-truths and outright falsehoods to be turned into a two-year goose chase. Those who get ensnared in this mess will be strongly defended.

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