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Chirac Broadcasting System Updates

By on 10.26.05 | 3:32PM

According to a CBS News report, its news president Andrew Heyward is going, to be replaced by CBS Sports head Sean McManus. McManus, son of sportscaster Jim McKay, will slide into the spot in January.

One of the first tasks he'll face is deciding the replacement for Dan Rather. One idea that CBS has been batting around is a duo of godheads to co-host the evening news broadcast. It could prove an immense improvement. McManus has the opportunity to hire a solid, moderate journalist to replace the tired CBS hyperlibs. Oh, never mind. That's too much to ask of CBS. But maybe they can at least make it fun to watch, like some of their sports programs are. Dear Mr. McManus: If you would consider pairing Maureen Dowd with John Madden...

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