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re: Worst. Comment. Ever.

By on 9.4.08 | 3:56PM

The lightweight image was what I meant. Was Quayle, by the time he was named Veep, respected for these achievements, or was the bumbling thing what dominated his media cycle? I ask because in our brand new ADD riddled history classes, Quayle was just the guy who couldn't spell potato.

Jeremy, really? You can't puckishly use a phrase and expect it to be taken as a cautionary note? Don't we do that, uh, all the time? Again, I don't agree with him and our worldviews are likely to be greatly different. But how being a RINO figures into the discussion, I'm not really clear.

I disagree with Amanda, mainly because I think Kuo was pointing to the oft-commented-on "cuteness" of Governor Palin. Quayle's obstacles in his image, among other things, were being good-looking and appearing younger. He seemed out of his element for someone who was very much in it. I'd say making the comparison isn't really offensive, and don't see how it justifies calling him a "jerk." But that may be because she holds a special disdain anatomical creativity, in which case I'll never explain to her the strange similarity between GWB's and Obama's ears.

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