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By on 10.26.05 | 1:20PM

Bernie Kalb's brother and old media diehard Marvin Kalb hosted another of his Kalb Reports events at the National Press Club last night, the first since his conversation with Dan Rather on Sept. 27. His guest was Associated Press honcho Tom Curley, who to his credit resisted seconding Kalb in his renewed, clueless efforts to blast blogging as such. I only caught some of it on the radio, and haven't seen a transcript. But what came through loud and clear is that Kalb is incapable of understanding the market mechanics of blogging -- in which expert opinion and insight easily check, expose, or supplant inferior efforts, no matter how credentialed (and in which uninformed blogging quickly vanishes into the ether). Curley is not intimidated at all by newer forms of competition, nor does he share Kalb's view that the news business is in a crisis because of new, unfettered participants. If Kalb wants a sympathetic ear, he'll have to have Dan Rather back.

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