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Hope for Homophobia?

By on 8.30.08 | 3:57PM

Little Green Footballs traces to the Obama campaign a Web site -- -- that tries to portray Sarah Palin's December 2006 veto of a ban on state benefits for same-sex couples as indicating her supposed support for gay rights.

The Obama-run site quotes the Anchorage Daily News story out of context, omitting this:

Palin said she rejected the bill despite her disagreement with a state Supreme Court order earlier this month that directed the state to offer benefits to same-sex partners of state employees.
Advice from her new attorney general said the bill passed by the Legislature was unconstitutional, she said. "Signing this bill would be in direct violation of my oath of office," Palin said in a prepared statement released by her administration Thursday night.

Palin asked the Alaska legislature to approve a ballot initiative for a constitutional amendment to ban such benefits, but the May 2007 vote in the legislature came up five votes short of the required two-thirds majority. (Want to guess how Democrats voted?)

The site is nothing but a dishonest attempt by Team Obama to distort Palin's record, a cynical smear that underestimates the intelligence of Christian conservatives and other opponents of the Democrats' own gay agenda.

(Cross-posted at The Other McCain.)

UPDATE: LFG corrects:
There is apparently no connection between these attack sites and the official Obama campaign. . . . [T]he point still stands that it's more than a little slimy to be a supporter of the "progressive" campaign of Barack Obama, then turn around and use Sarah Palin's pro-gay rights positions against her in a creepy anonymous web site.
So it's not Team Obama, officially, but rather one of their demented supporters who's doing this.

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