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How Much do We Cost?

By on 10.25.05 | 8:14PM

Why would conservatives demand the payment of tribute by the president to gain our loyalty in his time of need? Rod Dreher suggests just that. "Show us some love," he demands, at a time when -- by Dreher's own formulation -- conservatism is in an unhappy place and a difficult time. It is true that Mr. Bush needs conservatives more than conservatives need him, especially at the tail end of his annus horribilis (or, perhaps, at the beginning of his next). But we must not put a price on our loyalty to principle, and spend it as deserved in support of the president.

We can -- and must -- continue to sound off long, loud, and continuously against the Miers nomination. But if, as appears likely, Patrick Fitzgerald comes out with politically tinged indictments, this is a time when conservatives must all hang together -- and with Mr. Bush -- or we can all hang back separately and fail to achieve what our country must before 2009. Sound corny? Sure. But show me where it's wrong.

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