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Is It Pawlenty?

By on 8.28.08 | 1:35PM

I just got back from a press conference featuring Tim Pawlenty, around whom VP buzz continues to swirl. Sen. Jon Kyl, U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin, and Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael L. Williams were also there (a white guy, a Hispanic woman, and a black guy -- sounds like the beginning of a joke). As the other McCain surrogates were talking, Pawlenty seemed a little nervous, gulping and fidgeting with his fingers. He visibly relaxed once he got past the inevitable running mate questions. He dodged when asked whether he's spoken to McCain today, and when asked about his travel plans he would only say that he's going back to Minnesota this afternoon and that he has a Minnesota State Fair appearance "scheduled."

My guess is that Pawlenty is the guy, and he knows it. But of course there are two other explanations for his demeanor: He isn't the guy, and he knows it, or he doesn't know one way or the other. Definitely one of the three...

On another note, Williams struck me as fairly impressive for a state cabinet member (despite the name, the Texas Railroad Commission is the equivalent of an energy department and has nothing to do with railroads). Keep an eye on him.

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