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Biden the Clown

By on 8.25.08 | 8:05AM

In the Guardian today, I make a very small part of the case against Joe Biden. (See Jeffrey Lord's latest for the story behind the plagiarism story.) I weigh the pros and cons and conclude that "Republicans may soon feel not so much mauled by a vicious attack dog as gummed by a clown."

Several people have taken up one problem that I raise: "And if Obama thought he had a problem with ethnic Catholic voters before, just wait. Expect several bishops to start making noises about excluding the pro-choice Catholic Biden from receiving communion when he campaigns in their dioceses."

One commenter says "That would only make Biden more popular with most Catholic voters." And over at the Free Liberal, Michael Binder writes that Biden has "enough of a spine to effectively argue with any Bishop who tries to deny him communion for his defense of abortion rights -- at last I hope he does." Binder at least admits that John Kerry "was a disaster in that regard."

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