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Darkest Before the Dawn

By on 10.24.05 | 5:41PM

Drudge has had a shot of the cover of today's N.Y. Daily News up all day. It features a photo of a maudlin looking President Bush, gazing downward, biting his lower lip. The headline blares 'DARKEST DAYS.' Very dramatic, indeed. You'd think he was about to board the chopper and wave the double "V" sign. I am curious, though…if one were to search the archives of NYDN, would one come across similar 'DARKEST DAYS' headlines and photos for every president who has served, consecutively, throughout the paper's history? Of course one would. This gets to why I posted the Newt transcript earlier. Are major corrections needed? Absolutely. Is it too late? Absolutely not. Not even close.

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