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Biden: Obama hasn’t passed anything I’m aware of

By on 8.23.08 | 3:58AM

Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be all smiles when they make their first joint appearance as running mates later today, but on the day before the Iowa caucuses, Biden told me in an interview that he couldn't think of anything that Obama had passed as a U.S. Senator.

Following a January 2 campaign stop at the Douma Elementary School in Ottumwa, Iowa, I had a chance to speak with Biden (David Brooks was also present), and I raised the subject of Hillary Clinton's experience. Biden said that though he wouldn't want to take anything away from his rivals' accomplishments, their level of experience didn't compare to his.

Biden then gave the following appraisal of his rivals' careers in the Senate:

"Hillary's been there eight years. I don't know a single major piece of legislation Hillary has authored, passed, and got done. John Edwards was there for six years, he's passed three things. He's passed, I think, four post offices. Not a joke. I don't know of any. Barack Obama hasn't passed anything that I'm aware of."
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