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Lots of Houses

By on 8.21.08 | 3:06PM

John McCain definitely stumbled when he told the Politico he didn't know how many houses he and his wife had, and had to ask his staff. With polls showing that Barack Obama hasn't been able to gain any advantage over McCain on economic issues, it isn't surprising that he jumped all over it, integrating it into his stump speech and taking out an ad. I think this class warfare argument is a bit silly, but don't forget silly things like marveling at a high-tech grocery scanner helped create the impression that the elder President Bush was out of touch in 1992. The problem for Obama is that all of the talk of houses, gives the McCain people an opening to bring up Tony Rezko, the convicted Chicago businessman who helped Obama buy his current home.

UPDATE: The RNC has a new Obama-Rezko Shady Deal site up.

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