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March of the Obots

By on 8.21.08 | 7:07AM

Remember the SNL skit that suggested former Democrats-turned-Reagan voters had become pod peoplesque victims of the conservative body-snatchers? Something equally sinister is at work today, notes James Lewis:

My son-in-law is an Obot. I'm sorry, that's the kindest thing I can say. A specimen of his thinking is this: He likes Barack Obama because Hillary is just too white...This is a mid-twenties, delayed adolescent, MTV-impaired, drug-taking, hung-over, well-meaning, ne'er-do-well liberal kid, who is certainly not a racist-except against his own race, which is just fine by the Left. A white guy sneering at whitey just proves how cool you are. And Barack Obama is his hero because he's black, and Obama's a slick hustler, and well, he's just so cool. Ya know? ……I like this kid, but he reminds me of that hiker who just got swatted by an enraged mountain lioness in the California hills, after trying to cuddle her three cute little cubs. Why did he do it, according to the local CBS TV station? The answer: "I'm a Leo ... I'm a lion, too." …This guy is a guaranteed Obot. Total zombie. There's millions of 'em. They're all going to march into voting booths in November, when they shouldn't even be allowed to cross a busy street without adult supervision.

H/T John Broome

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