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Re: McCain’s Gains

By on 8.20.08 | 11:15AM

One of the interesting things about that Zogby poll is that Obama's support dropped 11 percent among Catholics to an abysmal 36 percent -- and this survey was taken before all of the recent focus on Obama's abortion views in the wake of the Saddleback forum. To put this in some perspective, in 2000, Gore captured 50 percent of Catholics and in 2004, Kerry captured 47 pecent.

Also, the poll showed a dramatic 12 point decline in support for Obama among voters under the age of 35, and -- at 47 percent --Obama no longer has a clear majority of support within this age group, which is utterly shocking.

In a little more than two weeks, we will have had two conventions and two VP selections, so there's only so much you can take from any one poll at this point. But it's pretty clear now that McCain' strategy of going after Obama's celebrity image has had its effect.

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