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Giant Snake Crisis Averted!

By on 8.19.08 | 5:01PM

It seems that not too long ago certain global warming doomsayers were predicting the imminent invasion of the American homeland by pythons. Here's how National Geographic's news blog puts it:

One of the more dire predictions of the consequences of climate change came from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) a few months ago: The giant Burmese python currently wreaking havoc in the Florida Everglades could find itself "comfortable" in as much as a third of the nation once temperatures rise as projected.

A new study using a different computer model released this week suggests otherwise. Climate change will actually seriously impact the current range of the reptile in the U.S., confining it to the swampy southern fringe of Florida.

But what won't happen in fact should most certainly happen in fiction. Samuel L. Jackson call your agent!

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