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This Ain’t Over

By on 8.19.08 | 6:17AM

Lee Stranahan looks ahead to where the Edwards scandal is headed next. And he has a nice run-on riposte to the how-dare-you-report-this chorus:

A former Senator and vice-presidential candidate misused campaign contributions and money pledged to fight poverty so he could bring his mistress on the campaign trail with him during the presidential campaign where he was constantly making appearances with his widely admired cancer stricken wife then fathered the mistress's child sometime around the time he was getting a Father Of The Year Award and then asked his loyal aid who already has a wife and kids to falsely claim paternity while the fake dad and the mistress were funneled money so they could move to be near the mistress's psychic healer friend while the former candidate continued to meet the mistress and baby until he was caught by tabloid reporters and hid in the bathroom and then confessed on national TV a couple of weeks later but both he and his wife continued to lie during that interview and in subsequent statements.

And the press is supposed to yawn that story off?

In related news: As you might have heard, John Edwards's father worked at a mill. The mill just burned down, possibly due to a highly combustible metaphor.

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