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Fan Fiction

By on 10.24.05 | 12:29PM

In today's Washington Post, Peter Slevin and Carol D. Leonig let on to being fans of Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald in their profile. But it's fan fiction.

Three days later, Libby put fingers to keyboard and told New York Times reporter Judith Miller that she was freed from her promise to protect his identity. He praised her mightily and urged her to "come back to work -- and life." Satisfied, she quit jail after 85 days, testified to Fitzgerald's grand jury and surrendered details she had vowed never to reveal.

Either Slevin-Leonig are knowingly deceiving their readers or they have a serious reading problem, since earlier in the letter, Libby indicates that he had released Miller a full year earlier. In fact, his surprise that it was an issue at all was why he wrote the letter. This is also why the Times has begun to distance itself from her, and why her comments in the New York Post only smack of narcissism:

"I'm not mad, I'm sad," Judy told me from her home on Long Island. "Isn't it sad that, after going to jail for 85 days for a principle, it's come to this?"

So sad. Too bad.

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