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Did the Surge Make It Worth It?

By on 8.15.08 | 3:20PM

Francis "End of History" Fukuyama lost his bet about what kind of shape Iraq would be in after five years of war, but is sticking to his guns about whether the war was worth it. I happen to agree with most of his Wall Street Journal op-ed, but more importantly I think it is closer to the majority American position than John McCain's position. Of all the successes that can be attributed to the surge, convincing Americans that the initial invasion was a good idea isn't one of them. If McCain uses the surge to bolster his argument about his judgment, his commander-in-chief credentials, and his qualifications to decide what to do next in Iraq, he will be doing himself a favor. If he argues that the surge retroactively vindicates the entire war, he will be playing on Barack Obama's home turf.

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