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Pigeon Promiscuity

By on 8.13.08 | 1:21PM

Megan McArdle wonders:

I just heard a Hollywood city planner talking about this program to distribute birth control to their pigeons. Apparently, the program is a roaring success--the pigeon population appears to have plummeted to less than 10% of its previous level. Does this mean that we'll soon see cityscapes denuded of pigeons?

Here's the thing. Distributing birth control to pigeons across the board ignores the wishes of the pigeon parents. These pigeons, with their small brains, are likely to think birth control is a blank check for reckless behavior -- before you know it, they'll be laying unwanted, unplanned-for eggs.

Every pigeon should be a wanted pigeon.

... And come to think of it: Does this mean that pigeons are taking more precautions than John Edwards?

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