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Peacoholics FLY at Redskins?

By on 10.23.05 | 3:32PM

Well, we're ahead 42-7 in the third quarter, and it looks like not even the Redskins can blow this lead. Poor SF. But poor Redskins. According to the WaPo, two anti-gun crank groups -- Peacoholics and FLY -- whomever they may be, not that we care -- are bashing the Skins for cooperating with the NRA in a charity event that (shudder) involves guns. Tuesday, a few of the Skins are going to shoot sporting clays. Horrors, say the anti-gun crowd. At a time the NRA is lobbying to repeal the DC's gun laws (which do nothing other than ensure that law-abiding citizens are the only people who don't have guns) the Skins are collaborating with the evil NRA? I'm shocked, shocked. And disappointed I can't make it for the shoot. Lock and load, fellas.

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