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Rielle Hunter, ‘Wack Job’

By on 8.11.08 | 11:30AM

The picture of John Edwards' mistress as a few tarot cards short of a full deck emerges more clearly:

Rielle padded in and out in Ugg boots and flared yoga pants, and in a voice that contained strange elements of surfer-ese and lockjaw, gave unasked-for information about her life's journey and personal health. She would tell us how she'd had an amazing yoga practice that day, or give an elaborate description of some braised root she'd eaten for lunch. I think I said to my friend once, "What a wack job," but that was the extent of my relationship with Rielle.
You should read the whole thing, especially the part where Rielle Hunter is immensely impressed that Sarah Miller had an essay included in an anthology, believing that this equates to being "rich and famous." This reinforces the ditzy image of Hunter portrayed by Newsweek's Richard Darman. As with Bill Clinton and the Lewinsky scandal, Edwards' affair demonstrates a questionable taste in mistresses.

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