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Broadway Brett

By on 8.8.08 | 12:47PM

  I guess it's just as well that Broadway Brett wound up in the Big Apple rather than in Tampa/>/>. He would have made Bucs games more exciting. And local sports writers would have lost interest in the next life, this one being so much fun. But he would have cost a packet, both in salary and in draft picks to compensate Green Bay/>/>.

   The Bucs already have a good superannuated quarterback in Rich Garcia. They also have a complex offensive scheme that produces a lot of 13-10 wins with few highlights.

  Both Favre and Bucs head Coach John Gruden like to have things their way, and it would have been painful watching those two tangling over who's running the show. Gruden would have been loathe to modify his complex but stodgy offense to accommodate the NFL’s wild child. And Favre wouldn't have wanted to lower his horizons. He's not used to getting the bunt sign.   

   A Tampa/> sports writer got it about right - and I paraphrase - when he said that Favre in Tampa/> Bay/>/> would be like Warren Sapp in spandex – neither a good fit nor a pretty picture.     


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