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Re: Thrilled About Favre

By on 8.8.08 | 1:20AM

Phil, sorry to be slow in responding to your item, but when you get to be my age moving about in the editorial pockets isn't what it used to be, which is essentially the point I wish to make about your Jets' attempt to score a quick fix: Brett Favre at age 38, after the psychological let down and release he went through last March after what turns out to be a short-lived (but universally ballyhooed) retirement, isn't going to have too much to offer the Jets. At least when Joe Montana moved on to the Kansas City Chiefs, he did so as an active player, one clearly not ready to retire. Even so, he wasn't quite the same player, in part because he was that much older, but probably more so because he was in a new system in a new environment. And needless to say, the players around him weren't as good as those he'd left behind. Favre will run into all these problems. Plus he'll be playing half his games in the worst stadium in sports -- and on artificial surface, on which he's always had his worst games. You'll rue the day the Jets took this route.

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