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Fred for Veep

By on 8.5.08 | 10:28AM

No, not THAT Fred, although as I said yesterday, I could easily warm to the idea of Fred Thompson as Veep. But Rich Lowry follows up Bill Kristol's mention of FedEx founder Fred Smith. And at first look it appears to be an incredibly solid choice! I still favor Kasich and Cox, or Ryan or Pence. But of the "outside the box" options, this one -- again, at VERY first glance -- looks by far to be the most intriguing. If the McCain team is really considering him, it would reassure me that they do have some creativity. I think politically, too, the choice would be a home run. Successful businessman (incredibly so). Great military record. Great education. Boards of good organizations like the St. Jude Hospital. Just awesome. He is worth a closer look.

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