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Breaking News: CNN is For Smart People!

By on 10.21.05 | 5:39PM

Jon Klein and Jim Walton, the two uber news/corporate suits now directing CNN, held a "State of CNN" earlier this week, and, it being a room full of reporter types, of course the gossip is flowing, and much of it is hilarious.

Apparently both Klein and Walton were claiming that while it was true that CNN continues to lag behind Fox News in the ratings, it didn't really matter, because CNN's fewer viewers were actually more intelligent than Fox's many more viewers. See? It all balances out!

But perhaps more telling about CNN's mindset on news and its viewers, was that when asked which news show on another network either man would want to bring to CNN, Klein said, "60 Minutes," and Walton said, "The Daily Show."

Klein is a former "60 Minutes" producer, and was one of the show's biggest on-air defenders during the "Rathergate" scandal last year. When it was pointed out to Walton that "The Daily Show" wasn't really a news show, Walton strongly disagreed. Somewhere, Larry King was smiling.

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