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Re: McCain-Cantor

By on 8.4.08 | 1:51PM

Cantor is the first name bruited as GOP No. 2 that's really "outside the box" -- a very young guy, Jewish, not a governor. Try to get your mind in "Maverick" mode: He doesn't want to name just any regular conventional-wisdom Republican. He wants to do something fresh and novel.

I don't know enough about Cantor's record to render a political value judgment, but you could see why he might appeal to John McCain's sensibilities. A quick look at his official bio shows he led a House counter-terrorism task force, which is a plus. No military record, which is a negative, but maybe Maverick figures he's got enough of the war-hero thing.

The interesting veep rumor today is that McCain's going to let Obama pick first, and since it's apparently not going to be Hillary, that's going to generate a lot of negative backlash for the Democrat.

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