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By on 8.2.08 | 4:07PM

Second day of a dead heat in a row in the daily tracking poll:

Obama received a brief increase in support near the conclusion of his overseas trip last week, gaining a nine percentage point advantage in July 24-26 polling. But that bounce disappeared almost quickly as it emerged.
Looks like full-on backlash against (a) Obama's absurdly grandiose "this is our moment" speech in Berlin, and (b) his canceled Landstuhl visit. Meanwhile, via Politico, Obama campaign strategist David Plouffe tries to claim that this has been a bad week for John McCain:

And if you believe that, maybe you'll go for the assertion that the "Celeb" ad was a secret "dog whistle" appeal to racism. Note that this assertion is made by Melissa McEwan, the erstwhile John Edwards blogger most famous for her addition of "Christofascist" to the progressive vernacular.

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