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By on 10.21.05 | 3:45PM

Always interested in what the other half thinks, we often go to the here for a big heaping helping of what goes on in the fevered brain of a Left Coast, Blue Stater.

Jeffrey Wells has issues with Republicans, but he's got a fine sense of film and the vagaries of Hollywood. His lead item this morning about the delay of Sean Penn's remake of All the King's Men is interesting. Wells says it's all about production delays, but given Penn's and Hollywood's political aspirations, couldn't there be a far more sinister reason to delay this movie about political graft and the evils of power? Could it only be coincidental that they are now talking about a release date leading into the mid-term elections? We think not. Hollywood types are far too intelligent to pass up such an obvious ploy.

How else to explain the remake of The Dukes of Hazzard?

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