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Peyton’s Place

By on 10.21.05 | 2:03PM

You'd think that with a war on, a town with a long naval tradition would welcome the 250 strike fighters the navy wants to move there from Virginia Beach. And you'd be wrong. The mayor of Jacksonville, Fla. is turning a deaf ear to the sound of freedom. Listening to a minority of locals, he's telling the Navy his town doesn't like the idea of reviving the Cecil Field Naval Air Station. Jax mayor John Peyton told the navy, " the end of the day, the quality of life for residents of the Westside is the most important thing."

A navy pal e-mailed the story to me with a note that said, "Beginning to lose my belief in the public. Give us protection and give us oil, just don't train near us and don't drill off of our shoreline so we can drive down the pristine beach burning that oil in peace and quiet." Things aren't that bad, pal, even though Peyton is. Peyton must be running for higher office. He'd surely fit in with Howlin' Howie, Kucinich and the rest. We shall keep an eye on the mayor.

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