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The Media’s Two Candidates

By on 7.31.08 | 12:20AM

David Weigel sees hypocrisy in John McCain's media-bashing:

I don't think McCain's comeback would have been possible had the political press not been scoring points for him all throughout 2007. His comeback was willed into existence by reporters. . . .
This is inarguably true. The media did make McCain the Republican nominee . . . and then they picked Obama as the Democratic nominee. And now the media are in the process of trying to pick the next president with the exact matchup they wanted: Old, Bald and Grumpy vs. Young, Hip and Sexy.

Yet even if, despite their herculean efforts on Obama's behalf, the media's Democrat somehow manages to lose, the media's Republican still wins. Kinda neat how that works out for them, huh?

Oh, almost forgot: The way MSNBC and the Washington Post are howling over the "Celeb" ad -- which has driven the left-wing blogosphere into a blind apoplectic rage -- tells me that this one's an absolute bullseye. As folks say down home, a hit dog will holler.

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